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Allie Smith

Team Leader
Georgia Tech

Hi everyone! My name is Allie and I am a third year biomedical engineering student at Georgia Institute of Technology. Following graduation, I hope to attend veterinary school and I cannot wait to pair my passions for travel, animals, and service through VAW!

Amelie Signorel

Team Leader
Mississippi State University

Hey everyone! My name is Amelie Signorel and I’m a sophomore at Mississippi State University! I am studying biological sciences with a pre-vet concentration. I went on Mississippi State’s first VAW veterinary outreach trip last year and I am so excited to be leading the team this year!

I absolutely adore animals and can’t wait to continue my journey towards vet school!!

Ashley Johnson

Team Leader
Cornell University

Hey Guys! My name is Ashley Johnson and I am a freshman at Cornell University. I am currently an Animal Science major on the pre-veterinary track. I have interned and worked with companion animal veterinarians, but look to expand my horizons. I am interested in becoming a large animal veterinarian, but secretly dogs and cats will always have my heart!

I hope to stay in chilly Ithaca for the next 7 years to attend Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. I enjoy giving back to my community in anyway possible, but especially enjoy service when it involves something I love. I cannot wait for this journey and to begin the Volunteers Around the World Veterinary Outreach chapter on Cornell’s campus!

Ashley Ring

Team Leader
Purdue University

Hello everyone my name is Ashley Ring, and I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences with a Pre-Veterinary concentration and a minor in entomology at Purdue University! I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN in the U.S. I have 1 younger brother and and a baby foster sister because my biological parents are foster parents!

My dream job is to be a veterinarian for the United States Army, and hopefully someday after retiring from the service I would like to own my own mobile low-cost animal clinic. I am so excited to be a part of volunteers around the world because I am a very service driven person. I think that this position of team leader for VAW will be such an amazing opportunity for service, leadership and learning and I can’t wait to get started!

Brianna Stofas

Team Leader
Texas A&M University

Hello everyone, my name is Brianna and I am a senior Biomedical Science major at Texas A&M University. I have spent most of my high school and college years working and volunteering with small and exotic animals. After graduation, I hope to attend vet school in the fall and eventually become a mixed practice veterinarian that works primarily with exotic animals.

Chloe Bellerive

Team Leader
University of Kentucky

Hey everyone! I’m Chloe Bellerive, a junior at University of Kentucky majoring in Equine Science and Management on the Pre-Veterinary track and minoring in Animal Science. I am super excited to start a VAW Veterinary Outreach Chapter on UK’s campus this year.  After graduating from UK,  I plan to attend Veterinary School to obtain my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to become an Equine Surgeon.

Courtney Hanson

Team Leader
Washington State University

I am currently an animal science major, in my junior year, at Washington State University. I plan on going to veterinarian school after I graduate with my bachelors and want to work with both large and small animals. I’ve had numerous animals my entire life and they have always been my passion. I work as a veterinarian assistant at a pet hospital.

Emily Abboud

Team Leader
University of Florida

Hello everyone, I am a sophomore at the University of Florida. I am an Animal Biology major on the Pre-Veterinary track with a minor in Business. I am beyond excited to start a VAW chapter at UF. This a great opportunity to help me and my fellow gators on the road to vet school!

Emily Jacques

Team Leader
University of Arizona

Hi Everyone!

I’m Emily, a sophomore at the University of Arizona. I am very excited to be the first team leader at U of A, and can’t wait to see it grow. One of my biggest passions is traveling around the world and experiencing new cultures. After undergrad I hope to attend veterinary school, and to one day open up a non-profit dedicated to improving animal & human health worldwide.

In my free time I compete in rodeo and work at Rillito Racetrack as a horse exerciser. On my breaks I volunteer at various animal shelters and veterinary clinics.

Kathleen Yang

Team Leader
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (UIUC)

Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen Yang and I am currently a junior majoring in Integrative Biology while minoring in Animal Sciences. I plan to, hopefully, attend veterinary school after I earn my bachelor of science. I am excited to be the first veterinary team leader at UIUC and look forward to seeing the chapter grow over the remaining two years I have here.

I believe that this program will truly make a difference in the lives of animals and people here on campus and abroad in Peru.

Katie Reilly

Team Leader
Villanova University

Hi! My name is Katie Reilly and I am a sophomore at Villanova University. I’m majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. I am excited to start a VAW Veterinary Outreach Chapter at Villanova and I can’t wait to see how the program grows in the future!

Lauren Banales

Team Leader
Cal Poly Pomona

Hello everyone, my name is Lauren Banales. I am the Team Leader at Cal Poly Pomona where I am a third year studying Animal Science, Pre-Vet plan. I want to travel the world and educate people about animal health. I plan to attend Vet School after my time at Cal Poly Pomona.

I want to open my own small animal clinic and eventually join the peace -corp veterinarian team. I am excited to bring VAW to my fellow pre-vetters in Pomona.

Madi Purdy-Hein

Team Leader

Hi there! My name is Madi Purdy-Hein, I am a Microbiology major at Brigham Young University. Growing up in Iowa City, around plenty of farms, I developed my love for animals. I have enjoyed every opportunity to work with animals since then.

I intend on going to veterinarian school and I hope to work with rescued exotic animals once I have my degree. I am excited to establish a Veterinarian Branch of VAW. There is a lot of great work that needs to be done, a Pre-Vet VAW branch will make a huge difference.

Marilyn Moyer

Team Leader
University of Findlay

Hi my name is Marilyn Moyer and I am a junior at the University of Findlay. I am an animal science major with a focus on pre-veterinary medicine. After vet school, my plan is to become a board  certified veterinary surgeon. I went on the Peru VAW trip summer of 2019 with Washington State and am excited to bring VAW to my own university!

Marina Timmerman

Team Leader
Cornell University

Hey everyone! My name is Marina Timmerman and I am senior at Cornell University studying animal science. I currently work in a small animal veterinary clinic and am hoping through VAW I can gain experience with animals I’ve never worked with before.

I am really interested in alternative medicine and hope to do something within this industry when I gradate. I am super excited to learn valuable knowledge that I can carry with me and apply it to what I end up doing after I graduate!

Nicole DeRogatis

Team Leader
Villanova University

Hi! My name is Nicole DeRogatis and I’m a sophomore at Villanova University. I’m pursuing a Biology major and an Italian minor and I plan on going to veterinary school following graduation.

Nikki Everhart

Team Leader
Tarleton State University

Hi Everyone! My name is Nikki Everhart and I am currently attending Tarleton State University for my Bachelors of Animal Science in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. I already have an associates of Science in Equine Science and am planning on continuing my education to get my doctorates after I graduate. Animals have always been my passion and I am excited for this new journey with Volunteers Around the World Veterinary Outreach.

Sydney Sweet

Team Leader
Ohio State University

Hello, My name is Sydney Sweet and I am a second year at The Ohio State University. I am an animal science major with a specialization in biological sciences, and I am a hunter-jumper horse rider in my free time. I hope to attend vet school when I am done with undergrad. I would love to work with large production animals such as cattle, pigs and sheep.

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