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Art Outreach Projects

VAW – Art Outreach provides volunteers the opportunity to work first hand with an experienced artist and photographer. Volunteers will fundraise for art supplies prior to their trip abroad. While in country, volunteers will take classes from a professional artist and photographer, teach art classes to children in local schools, help to restore and beautify a local building and create a community mural. The internship is focused on giving volunteers a variety of experiences in art, teaching, deepening their understanding of possible professional options as an artist and broadening their global view. You will spend every art work day doing one of the following activities:

Learn from a professional artist and photographer

Volunteers will have the opportunity to take classes on different art techniques and photographic techniques from a professional artist and photographer. Volunteers will be able to explore different techniques and learn about art on a global scale.

Teach art classes

Volunteers, along with their mentor, will work to design basic art classes for children at local schools. These classes will focus on teaching children about the beauty and importance of art in the world, as well as teaching them basic artistic techniques.

Restore and beautify a local building

Volunteers will partner with locals to work to restore and beautify a building in the community. Typically, this building will be a school or other community meeting place that the entire community will be able to enjoy.

Community mural

Volunteers will work with the children in their classes and the community at large to design a mural for the community. Volunteers will come up with the prints and basic structure for the mural, and will work with their students and community members to complete the project which be left as a memory for the community.

In-country schedule

VAW Art Outreach trips are 14 days (2 weeks) or 28 days (4 weeks) long. The number of work days will vary depending on the trip length. However, each trip will have free days, in addition to the work days, where volunteers are encouraged to explore the beauty and local culture of their host country.

Please contact us for information regarding trip dates and program costs. See here if you’re interested in leading an Art Outreach team.

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