Our Projects

Nutritional & Water Security

nutritionFamily Gardens

Many families in developing countries live with a constant risk of nutritional insecurity. There are a few days each month that families go without anything to eat, and most days they go without proper nutrition. This of course leads to health risks and longer recovery periods even for minor illnesses. VAW Volunteers teach families how to build small family gardens that use simple techniques to raise more crops in less space and help mitigate nutritional insecurity.

Water Security

Public water systems in developing countries do not provide safe drinking water. Poorer families cannot afford to purchase bottled water or even purchase enough wood to make fire to boil the water. Many people become sick from waterborne pathogens. VAW in conjunction with local NGO’s, are in the process of building a factory where inexpensive yet effective water filters will be built and distributed. The vision for this project is to sell the filters at a little above cost to those that can afford to buy them and subsidize the cost of the filter for those that can’t afford them. In this way the factory will become self sustaining, provide jobs for local residents, and improve the drinking water conditions for the average family.


August 30, 2016

A few months back we caught up with one of our veteran Team Leaders and Chapter Presidents Arush Lal. Arush is a Business Major on…

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