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Hospital Internship for Pre-Medical Students

hospital-outreachBasic intern information (requirements):

  • For students who are currently pre-med, pre-nursing, or pre-health; or students who have graduated with their Bachelor’s degree; or students who are currently in a medical program, nursing program or health-related Master’s program
  • For students who plan to pursue a career in medicine, nursing, or another health-related field
  • Priority given to students who have participated in VAW’s mobile medical clinics
  • All vaccinations for traveling to the Dominican Republic on CDC website REQUIRED (will be in direct contact with sick individuals)
  • Valid passport and any other documents required by the Dominican Republic (e.g., $10 visa fee-paid upon arrival)
  • Must fill out a Hospital Internship application (fill out online here) and have an interview. Contact us for more information.


  • Work in one of the largest and most important trauma hospitals in the Dominican Republic (DR): Hospital Docente Universitario Dr. Dario Contreras or Hospital Traumatológico y Quirurgico Profesor Juan Bosch
  • Help some of the poorest populations in the DR
  • Experience directly what it is like to work in a public hospital in a developing country
  • Have direct contact with the patients
  • Be directly supervised and guided by local doctors; shadow and assist other doctors in a variety of tasks
  • Hands-on opportunities in patient care and surgery
  • Direct training from local doctors before entering the hospital
  • Learn about medical procedures and practices through classes (talleres) taught by local doctors with whom you will be working (mandatory)
  • In your free time, explore the beautiful and historically rich cities as well as the different regions of the Dominican Republic
  • Have opportunities to interact directly with the people of the Dominican Republic, both in and out of the hospital
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the your internship


Additional Information:

  • The internship takes place in Santo Domingo or La Vega, Dominican Republic and is run by Volunteers Around the World
  • The internship tuition covers: in-country transportation (to and from hospital; to and from SDQ airport), in-country housing, in-country food (3 meals per day), in-country staff/translator (VAW), supervision by in-country doctors, theoretical medical preparation classes (talleres), hospital identification tag (ID for entering the hospital)
  • Additional costs (to be covered by interns): airfare, fun travel, personal medical supplies (e.g., scrubs, surgeon mask, surgeon hat, surgeon shoe covers)
  • 2 week internships available; you may enroll in multiple sessions
  • See the Dominican Republic Hospital Internship Calendar for dates. The 2018 internship dates will be determined during Fall 2017. They will likely take place during July 2018.
  • The program fee is dependent on the number of participants. Fees (per participant) are below:
    • 1 person – $8450
      2 people – $4950
      3 people – $3800
      4 people – $3200
      5 people – $2850
      6 people – $2600
      7 people – $2500
      8-12 people – $2350
  • Interns will stay in an apartment or house in Santo Domingo or Jarabaoca, along with a VAW staff person
  • Interns must attend the theoretical medical preparation classes (talleres) taught by local doctors. They will take the knowledge and techniques learned in these classes and apply them directly to their work in the hospital. This is for the safety of the interns, the patients and the doctors.
  • Interns will participate in 12 hour night-time (nocturnal) rotations, because this is the time that the hospital receives the highest volume of patients. Interns will most likely start off working 3-4 days per week as the 12 hour night-time rotations can be grueling and take some adjusting to. However, interns will have the opportunity to go to the hospital every day of the week.
  • During their rotation, interns will spend a large amount of time in the emergency room, assisting doctors with patients who are in critical condition. Each night, the hospital receives dozens of patients.
  • Interns must be mentally prepared to be directly involved with patients who have been in horrific accidents. Interns must be aware that they will be working with patients who may die. However, interns may also observe miracles and help save patient’s lives.
  • Interns will have days off to explore Santo Domingo and/or Jarabacoa and the surrounding region, as well as getting to know the locals.
  • Interns may be asked to bring materials that are badly needed in the hospital in their luggage.

Basic Schedule

  • Week days: daily internship time. Working at the hospital, including theoretical medical preparation classes (talleres), observations in surgery, emergency room intake, suturing, and patient rotations.
  • Week nights: overnight rotation every 3-4 days.
  • Weekends: free time.

Click here for the Hospital Internship Application on Google Docs

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