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Volunteers Around the World’s mobile medical and dental clinics are meant to provide basic care for patients in their local community. For many communities, this is the only access to healthcare that they have. Our clinics provide patients with the opportunity to measure their vital signs, receive a free check-up from a physician and receive basic treatment, including free medications. Occasionally, however, we have patients who arrive at clinic with cases that are more complicated than what we’re able to provide at a mobile clinic. For these patients, it is our goal to be able to provide them with the necessary resources to receive the treatment they need.

We rely on donations to be able to provide the treatment for these patients. Below is a list of patients for whom we are currently raising funds. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. You can also see patients whom we have helped in the past here.

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Current Patients

Ruth Karina, Elbow Surgery

Huasampata, Cusco, Peru

Sponsor Ruth

Ruth Karina is a six year old girl from Huasampata, Peru, located about one hour outside of Cusco, Peru. Currently, Ruth is in the second grade. She attends a local school, which she walks to every day with her siblings. Before her accident, Ruth was a very energetic and happy little girl who enjoyed playing with her siblings and friends outside. Since her accident, however, Ruth has become more reserved and withdrawn, and no longer likes to go out to play.

Ruth came to one of Volunteers Around the World’s mobile clinics in May for a cold, when our Peru Medical Director, Dr. John Huamanquispe, noticed her elbow.

About 9 months ago, Ruth was walking home with her sister and helping carrying a couple of
buckets of water in a wheelbarrow back to the house for her family. The wheelbarrow she was pushing unexpectedly flipped over, causing Ruth to fall and land on her elbow, dislocating it. Ever since then, Ruth has had to live with the pain and discomfort of having a dislocated elbow which she is unable to use. Unfortunately, Ruth’s family is not able to afford the surgery to fix her elbow.

When her family attended VAW’s mobile clinic and heard that Ruth might be able to receive surgery, they were very excited. Dr. Huamanquispe believes that Ruth has a very good chance of recovering near-full mobility of her elbow, because she is so young. He has already made contact with a local physical therapist who is willing donate his time and energy to Ruth post-surgery to aid her recovery.

Please consider donating so that Ruth can have her elbow fixed, and return to playing and enjoying life as every six year old should be able to. Any amount will help!

You can donate on Ruth’s Empowered page here and see photos of Ruth and her family here.

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Gadiel Huallpayunca Usucanchi, Rehabilitation Fund

Zurite, Cusco, Peru

Sponsor Gadiel

Meet Gadiel from Zurite, Cusco, Peru. Gadiel has a psychomotor impairment, although the root cause is unknown. He is one year and three months old. Given his current impairments, however, he has the psychomotor abilities of an eleven-month-old. The doctors who attended to Gadiel at VAW’s mobile clinic in Zurite believe that he still has a chance to make a full or close to full recovery in his psychomotor abilities.

Gadiel will need to attend rehabilitation and stimulation sessions three times per week for six months.

Please consider donating to Gadiel so that he can receive his rehabilitation and the chance to recover his psychomotor abilities!

You can donate on Gadiel’s Empowered page here and see photos of Gadiel and his mother here.

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