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Volunteers Around the World’s mobile medical and dental clinics are meant to provide basic care for patients in their local community. For many communities, this is the only access to healthcare that they have. Our clinics provide patients with the opportunity to measure their vital signs, receive a free check-up from a physician and receive basic treatment, including free medications. Occasionally, however, we have patients who arrive at clinic with cases that are more complicated than what we’re able to provide at a mobile clinic. For these patients, it is our goal to be able to provide them with the necessary resources to receive the treatment they need.

We rely on donations to be able to provide the treatment for these patients. Below is a list of patients for whom we are currently raising funds. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. You can also see patients whom we have helped in the past here.

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Please visit our Current Patients & Medical Project Funds page here to see patients and projects for whom VAW is currently raising funds!

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