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Kendall DeSantis, Team Leader

Cornell University

Hey y’all! My name is Kendall DeSantis and I am a junior at Cornell University majoring in Biomedical engineering with an emphasis on biomechanics or molecular/cellular systems. I traveled with VAW to Cambodia this summer for Cornell’s first trip and fell in love both with the people and the country.

The first day our mobile clinic was met by over 70 patients waiting in line to be seen, many arrived hours before our bus. Every day was more of the same amazing people in need of medical care waiting to be treated, all with positive attitudes and ever so thankful we were there.  I was so grateful to be part of this medical group, They taught me about the huge demand for rural patient care and the need for teamwork to overcome the obstacles that occurred.   I am looking forward to helping other Cornell students share in the experience what I was able to have in Cambodia.  Here’s to many more trips!

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Nicole Alimena, Team Leader

Cornell University

My name is Nicole Alimena, and I am currently a freshman at Cornell University. I am majoring in Biological Engineering with a focus on Biomedicine and Genomics. I plan to pursue veterinary medicine; specifically, I hope to be a veterinary surgeon at an international level.

I am very excited to work with VAW because I feel that collaborative health assistance across countries is crucial; helping other nations, particularly those disadvantaged and lacking crucial resources to provide the best medical care, helps improve the standard of living for everyone and thus overall public health. I currently travel internationally to assist veterinarians; I have been able to experience how much both the animals and people need medical assistance in areas such as Peru or the Dominican Republic. I am working to expand VAW at Cornell and cannot wait for our next VAW trip this year!

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November 26, 2017

You may have heard people describing volunteering abroad as “life-changing” and wondered if they weren’t exaggerating a bit. After all, why would you…

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