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Volunteers Around the World (VAW) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) devoted to improving the standard of living for those that live in some of the most poverty stricken communities of the world. Our focus is to provide communities with access to medical treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water, and health education.

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VAW - Medical Outreach provides volunteers with an opportunity to shadow medical professionals and work side by side with experienced doctors. Volunteers will accumulate medicines prior to the trip to the host country. While in country, volunteers will shadow and assist the doctors, perform triage, measure vital statistics, manage the pharmacy and teach public health classes, all under the direct supervision of experienced, local doctors.

VAW - Dental Outreach provides volunteers with the opportunity to shadow dental professionals and assist them in procedures such as extractions, cleanings, fillings, radiography, and sealants. Volunteers will accumulate the necessary supplies and materials for the procedures prior to the trip, and bring them to the host country. In the clinics, volunteers will perform basic triage, assist the dentists, and manage the pharmacy, as well as teach oral hygiene classes in elementary schools.

This is an intensive internship, valuable to future nurses, physicians, dental assistants, dentists, public health majors, and anyone who is interested in gaining experience working in the medical field or internationally. The internship is focused on giving interns a variety of hands-on experiences in treating patients, deepening their understanding of the medical field and broadening their understanding of global health.

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